Nicolas Pascarel

Nicolas Pascarel was born in Paris in 1966 and worked as a photographer for over twenty five years. Since the early 90’s, he has been spending most of his time in Naples and Havana, but has now decided to come back to his first passion – South East Asia – with the intention to live in the region for the next coming years. Nicolas managed numerous workshops in 2000 and 2002 for the Royal Academy of the Fine Arts School of Phnom Penh; in 2002 untill 2008 in the city of Bangkok and also Chiang Rai in Thailand; as well as in Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam in 2005 and 2006. His work was exhibited in more than 40 exhibitions in galleries and photo festivals in Cuba, China, Vietnam, France, Italy, Holland, Spain, Germany, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia and USA. He often collaborates with a Cambodian NGO taking care of street children in Phnom Penh. He also created a documentary about Cambodia called “Durant la Pluie” (During the rain) in 2004. In 2006, he created Fotoasia, an association to promote photographers and exchange between Europe and Asian photography. He also run photo workshops in Vietnam, Cambodia and Cuba during the last 8 years.

Photo Workshops with Fotoasia

As in all the other workshops I teach, my ultimate goal is to help each participant to create an appealing body of work with personal strong individual images. Each student will be encouraged to develop his or her own photographic language and to search for the invisible thread that ties his or her images together. I’ll help you to improve your ability to see and create new photographs, to discover your hidden potential. It will definitely be a valuable educational experience where you will develop the skills to look at your own work more critically, to appreciate and discuss yours and other people’s work by learning a new visual vocabulary. Our final objective is to produce a series of revealing, lasting images that will display a sense of the place, of its people and traditions.